History is littered with well-meaning, but ineffective projects to help the poor. Our philosophy has developed from years of first-hand experience, observation and research. We believe it makes no sense to feed starving people but to do nothing about the squalor in which they live; how can you fill their bellies but leave them prey to disease and violence? Similarly, it makes no sense to give the poor a house, but no way to maintain it or to feed their children. Every year in the Third World, NGOs and churches initiate such programs.

overviewProject Chacocente believes that creativity and cooperation are the solution to poverty. Of course, money is necessary; but millions of dollars invested in “Johnny One Note” projects won’t result in anything but disappointment.

Project Chacocente is an integrated, multi-faceted program that incorporates housing, farming, job skills, education, social skills, parenting, problem-solving, small business and values awareness into a single effort to transform the lives of the poorest of the poor.

In Nicaragua, there remain great differences between Catholics and Evangelicals, and only the latter group is commonly referred to as Christians. To work in this environment, and to be open to people of all religions, Project Chacocente maintains an ecumenical character. However, everything we do is grounded in Christian values, the first of which is love.